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Monday, January 16, 2012

See visionS

I'm always running after you. You are my ideal. You are me.
kore ijou tooku made tobenai tori ga ita
kizu mo nai rippa na hane de aozora wo najitta
[kono basho mo warukunai ano sora wa takakunai kono basho mo yoku wa nai]
karada de kanjiru sokudo wo osoreteru
dare ni demo chansu wa moteru...sono saki he yukenai
[hontou wa tobitatenai hontou wa tobitachitai]
ima kanaetai negai no mukou de kagayaku kimi ga iru
hitomi ni utsusu
"mirai ni tatte, itsumo tsuyokute" sonna kimi ga boku sa
kimi wa mada mabushii kedo onaji kimochi de kono te nobashite
itsuka tsukamu genjitsu no boku ga kimi ni naru yo
There once was a bird who couldn't fly any further.
With flawless wings, it told off the blue sky.
"This place isn't bad either, the sky isn't high, this place isn't good either."
It's fearing the speed it feels with it's body
Everyone has a chance waiting for them... They can't go beyond there.
"Truth is, I can't fly. Truth is, I won't fly."
Sparkling beyond the wish I want to make come true now, you are there.
Reflecting in your eyes
"Standing in the future, always strong", that kind of you is me.
You are still suffering but I reach my hand out with the same feelings
The me who will one day grab reality will become you.

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