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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello, Planet

Sherutaa no oto hitori me ga sameta
Pipipipi toku ni ijyou nai you da
Posuto no naka wa kitto karappo da
Uekibachi no me kyou mo dete konai ya

Yasashii aozora okkochite
Shizuka shizuka na hoshi ni naru

Tsunagu tsunagaru yume to metorojika
Mawaru mawaru yo michi no entoropika
Iesu ka noo ka fushigi no kotobanika
Mae ka ushiro ka susume tekunoporika

"Maru batsu sakadachi o-tsuki-sama"
Kimi o kimi o sagashi ni ikitai no
Tanoshii hanashi motto shitai no shitai no

Hitori-bocchi no beddo ni ohayoohayoo
Shiirakansu no shippo ni ohayoohayoo
Sufinkusu no nazonazo ni ohayoohayoo
Memori no naka no kimi ni ohayoohayoo

Taisetsu na mono takusan aru keredo
Ima wa kore dake motte ireba ii
Kimi ga saigo ni oshiete kureta mono
Uekibachi no me kyou mo dete konai ya

"Gareki no amedama futte kita"
Purasuchikku dekita kasa sasou yo
Kokoro sabi tsuite shimawanu you ni

Hinatabokko no tenshi ni ohayoohayoo
Mizutama dansu no sora ni ohayoohayoo
Maamareedo no daichi ni ohayoohayoo
Memori no naka no kimi wa ohayoohayoo

Shizuka ni nemuru kimi o mita
Potari potari oto o tatete shizuku
Doushite kanashii yo
Konna ni konna ni ko n na ni ...

Chikyuu-bokko no rabu ni ohayoohayoo
Asa to hiru to yoru ni ohayoohayoo
Uchuu ginga no rizumu ni ohayoohayoo
Adamu to Ibu no aida ni ohayoohayoo

Aitakatta no kimi ni ohayoohayoo
Umareta-bakari no "kimi" ni ohayoohayoo..
I find myself alone, waking up to the shelter's song
Pipipipi... well, to me, nothing seems notably wrong
I check the postbox again, but it's empty; that's forgone
Today the flowerpot sprouts, still they stay in the dirt, withdrawn

The calm blue sky, it has fallen down to the ground
Peaceful our planet turns, as peaceful as can be

A link, a connection to our dreams and the Metlogica
Spinning and winding around, the roads of our Entropica
Yes or no, these are the words of wondrous Literologica
Forward or backward to go onward to great Technopolica

"Circles, crosses, and a handstand before the moon"
I want to search for you, I do, I swear I'll go and find you
Looking forward to talking with you - more and more, forevermore!

All on its own, to my bed, I greet oh hello, ohello!
Coelacanth's tails need wishing good day, oh hello, ohello!
To the Sphinx's riddle, my answer is oh hello, ohello!
And you who I know in my memories, oh hello, ohello...

I have gathered many precious things on the way, but I know
That for the moment, just this - this is all I really need
This which, at the last, you decided you would tell me of
Today the flowerpot sprouts, still they stay in the dirt, withdrawn

"And the debris, it came pouring down as the rain"
So you must open this plastic umbrella to protect you!
To be sure, to be certain your heart should not rust away
Sunbathing angels resting on clouds: oh hello, ohello!
Above, to the polkadot prancing sky, oh hello, ohello!
Down to the marmalade ground, shouting oh hello, ohello!
Says you who I know in my memories: oh hello, ohello...

Resting in peace, there I saw you, sleeping away...
I hear a drip, a drop, the dripping running, splashing on me
Why does such sorrow have to be?
Why's it so, why's it so, why's... it... so...?

For the love basking all over earth, oh hello, ohello!
Morning, noon, night, any time, I will oh hello, ohello!
Backed by the rhythm of space, a cosmos-wide oh hello, ohello!
To in-between Adam and Eve goes my oh hello, ohello!

You who I wanted to meet, at last, oh hello, ohello
And now, with this newly born "you," I start oh hello, ohello...

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