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Friday, October 14, 2011

Love-Lost Elegy

"Douyara nakisugita mitai" to kimi wa warau
Dou ni mo waraenai. Kou ni mo waraenai yo.

Tabun, ura-tabun atashi no to aru kotoba no sei
Iya, ki no sei? ...Nou no miso mo akiretemasu.

Sorosoro tasukeyou ka kyoufu mo hikitsurete sa
Zoukin shiboru you ni yuuki mo are shichaou

Dakedo sa kowain da yo gata ga ashiashi da yo
Furafura de sono mama ochiru

Oboreru no ga kowakatta no era-kokyuu nado dekinai kara
Kimi ga tateru sono hamon ni yurare yotte nigeyou to agaiteta

Nantoka nigedashite muon de "gomen" o iu
"Kore de daimanzoku" iiwake wa kore ni shiyou

Ippo, mata ippo to kimi kara hanareru tabi
Awa no you ni ukabu futari no awai egao

Yappa tasukeru yo nigenai kara atashi no iki ageru
Sou, aitai no chuu aitai desu. Futatsu no iki de

Sate tobikomu yo nde nomikomu yo sono kanashimi subete
Saa iki o tomete tsuide ni futari no toki mo tomete

Afureru nara koboreru nara kono atashi ga sono namida o
Nomihosou ka sou shiyou ka mizu-futori wa ki ni shinai kedo

Shiokarai no wa chito tsurai na datte atashi amatou dashi
Dakara kimi no amai ai ga mata hoshii kara me o semashite hoshii na

Oyagu erejii
"I would say that it's clear as day; you were a crybaby," you said, chuckling
There's no way, you can't make me laugh. Even this - you won't see me laughing.

Could it be, just a maybe, that, in the end, it all comes back to some...
Words I said? Or's it in my head? ...Well, either way, now my brain is exhausted.

Sooner or later, will I not be saved? And my fears, banished to their graves?
Like you'd wring out a dirty rag, just the same's happened to my courage

But, even so, I've been petrified, shaking such I can hardly walk straight
Stumbling around as I always have, now I fall...

That I would drown to death, I was so very scared; I have no gills to breathe, I would die then and there,
So when you came along and sent a ripple out, I found it made me quake, and so I floundered, desperate for escape...

Somehow, yes, we would have to run; not a word, saying both our "sorry"s
"This'll do, now I'm satisfied"; let's go ahead and make that our reason

One step, and I step again; and every time I grow distant from you,
Floating up like bubbles of air, two smiling faces I faintly notice

Yes, I guess I'll give you aid; there's no running away, so I'll offer to you my breath, too
Yes, a meeting kiss for two - I want it, I miss you. And working with both our breaths...

Now, it's time to dive in deep, to drink it down in heaps, all those sorrows that we've encountered
Now, it's time to hold your breath, and while we're at it, time for us both will stop as like death...

And if we overflow, if we can bear no more, I'll be the one who's near to dry away your tears
So when I find you blue, can I do this for you? I might get waterlogged, but I don't mind at all...

I'm taking in the salt, it's quite a bitter treat, and need I not repeat, I have a taste for sweets
That's why I ask, thereof, please offer your sweet love, I want it once again, I want so much for you to wake me up...

A swimming elegy...

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